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So once upon a time I had a LiveJournal. And I admit, I was mainly in it for the icons--or rather, the ability to hoard several for individualized use (because every post/comment deserves its own care and love). I remember waking up early before school to meticulously edit those lovely userpics, although I admit in hindsight that mine weren't even very good. Even so, I poured my heart out for those 100x100 pixel squares, and I wrote some stuff, too: mainly memes, but also the occasional personal update, ramble, rant, or incomplete fanfic.

Yet eventually, I lost interest and had a sultry affair with Tumblr. I admit to trying to use Tumblr as I had used my LiveJournal, but it eventually became clear that Tumblr was not designed for the same function; rather than create icons or extensively write, I instead reblogged pictures and other similarly more inane activities. My love for icon-making did occasionally wax, but it waned almost immediately afterward.

It's been over a year since I've quit LiveJournal--verging on two years, in fact--and I find myself missing the Friend pages, the various amusing communities, the atmosphere, and of course, the icons. Consequently, I've decided to join this site. Perhaps my usage of it will follow a similar pattern, but perhaps not. Regardless, I plan to try to write more, and this, I feel, is an excellent medium to facilitate that.

Anyway, here is a belated introduction:

My name is Elaine, and at the moment, I'm a rising high school junior who simultaneous cares immensely and occasionally about school and college. I mention this first because, unfortunately enough, during the school year, my academic and extracurricular activities can overwhelm me mentally. I think quite a bit about them, perhaps too much, as intermittently I ruminate about the meaning of life how effectively and holistically numbers on a transcript definite and illustrate who I am as a person. (If you're curious, the answer is almost always "not very well.")

Besides that, I do enjoy being lazy, just as much as I delight in the feeling of success or accomplishment. I consider myself to be a fairly idiosyncratic person; I like to think I'm like Elizabeth Bennet because I "[delight] in anything ridiculous" and like to read, but I figure I lack her charm, fine eyes, and ability to not be awkward in social situations. The rest you might want to know about me, I will copy from my Tumblr: I fancy myself an amateur writer, an aspiring psychologist, a precocious philosopher, a top-notch procrastinator, and a zealous fanatic of many things. I am also a Protestant (technically non-denominational; really more Baptist than anything else), and I try my best to be open-minded, although I know I fail at that a lot. S

I'm Chinese (can speak Mandarin a bit, but barely literate), born in Texas, and I take high school French, soon to be AP French, and am enjoying it a lot. I like sarcasm, anime and manga (the former more than the latter), literature(of course), language, films, art/design, the internet, grammar, terrible puns, and Colin Firth. On the other hand, I'm not fond of coffee, mornings, insincerity, or "love at first sight."

If we share any interests, or you'd just like to talk, feel free to message me (and, although I'm not sure why you'd ever want to, friend me, though please do not just do it spontaneously or without introducing yourself before)! I'm a bit shy and awkward, but I promise that I don't bite, or at least that I'll try not to.